COVID 19 Testing Center

Appointments Required

During these uncertain times, we want our patients to know that we are a localized testing center! We currently provide testing services for COVID 19.

We have pulse-oximeters in stock as well! That way our patients can check their oxygen levels from home!

We offer same day as well as 24hr turnaround RT-PCR tests, which are required by airlines for international travel. RT-PCR tests are the gold standard for COVID-19 testing as they detect active infection at the time of sample collection. Please consult your airline and travel destination to receive guidelines on what turnaround is required for your departure date and traveling needs.

COVID-19 Testing FAQs

What kind of COVID test is provided at Mclean Pharmacy?

We currently offer the RT-PCR test.

Who administers the COVID test?

The test is self-administered. The pharmacy will provide you with the specimen collection and detailed instructions.

How long do the results take?

The timeframe in which results are received depends on the appointment…

  • Regular service appointment: results will be sent 48 hours after collection
  • Expedited next day appointment: results will be sent the next day before noon
  • Expedited same day appointment: results will be sent the same day after 5 pm

How will I get my results?

Results will be sent to you via an encrypted email. If you do not receive results within the selected timeframe, please call 571-488-6030 or email

What information is provided in the report?

Patient information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email

Specimen information:

  • Test type
  • Specimen type
  • Date & time collected
  • Date & time received
  • Date & time reported
  • Result

Other information:

  • Lab name, address, phone, fax, and email
  • Pharmacy name, address, and phone
  • Provider name
  • CLIA #

What information is needed for insurance reimbursement?

The following information may be used for insurance reimbursement. Please contact your insurance for specifics on all required information needed to file for reimbursement.


LAB NPI: 1205445491

PHARMACY NPI: 1326320177


ICD10 CODE: Z03.818

CPT CODE: 87635-1